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Who am I? At what point of my life am I? What do I really want to do? These were the primary issues I had when I began life coaching. Catherine is the ideal Life Coach because she promised always to be by my side, she's committed to travel my travels and swore to share with me the greatest gift ever given by God; love!
Maria Sidiropoulou, 41 Food merchandiser
I can say now that with Life Coaching I have reached a certain level of self awareness, continuing of course, trying and most important: I gained back the self esteem and self respect I had long lost. What I saw in Katerina since the beginning of our acquaintance, was the trusted friend, the wise big sister, the woman who inspires respect and power and makes everyone around her feel secure!
Angeliki Seraskeri, 41 Enterpreneur
Through Life Coaching I experienced things about which I used to write in my notebook. I learnt to have Patience and expect. I am healthy. I turned my dream into my profession. I can handle everything that happens to me. I can write in numerous pages about what I have managed to do having you, my Life Coach, by my side. Katerina, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me.
Kiriaki Sidiropoulou, 35 Events Organiser