Easy steps to Success!

Hey guy's I just wanted to share what has help me to create possibilities in my life. These five tips have helped me release my negative mentality and become more positive: Enjoy!!! Express gratitude. One of the easiest ways to increase your positivity is to express gratitude. Being thankful for what you currently have immediately releases any negativity that you might be holding onto. Gratitu...
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Today you are destined to do something great.

Today you are destined to do something great. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, not next year, but today. Focus on today and make it the best day of your life. Think of ways you can be more productive today. Think of ways you can help more people today. Think of what big tasks you've been putting off for a long time that you can tackle today with a positive attitude and a determinat...
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Be the …Choose the One!!

BE THE ONE..CHOOSE THE ONE! Do you remember the big dreams YOU had when you were young? Dreams of being a Super Model or a Super Manager, a Super Doctor, a Super Mom etc? Our Dreams evolve as we do....sure our dreams may change but I believe our calling is rooted deep within . DON'T GIVE UP.... You can learn again how to use your energy, thoughts and words wisely, so...
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How to use the Law of Attraction!

The law of attraction states that every positive or negative event that happened with you was attracted by you. Say that a special friend loaned you money when you didn't have any. You attracted that, even without your awareness of using the law. Say that teacher, classmate, client, or co-worker gave you a hard time during the day. You attracted that, too. Again, we are using the law every sec...
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How do YOU react to Change?

Have you noticed how upset we get because things change? As human beings we act like life should always be predictable. And yet we know it isn't. One of the reasons we get jarred by change is because we are creatures of habit. Another is that we are emotional human beings. As logical as we can be at times, it's the feelings associated with change that we tend to overlook. And it is these fee...
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Have Fun, Freedom & Fulfilment

Do you often find yourself attracting more of the things you don’t want instead of the things you do want? If you’re tired of not having the lifestyle you desire, filled with prosperity, happiness and fulfillment, follow these 5 simple steps to turn things around… starting today! Step 1. Get clear on what you really want. Did you know that one of the main reasons people don’t have what the...
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Power Life Secrets

Katerina Efstratiadou Successful Life Secrets
How to Overcome a Negative Mindset Many people have a negative mindset.   Negative mindsets come in different forms. For some people, they are just pessimistic about everything in  life. For others, they are only negative when it comes to themselves and their own abilities. Either way, when you have a negative mindset you cannot enjoy life the way you should and you may even find that it i...
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10 Tips to Improving Self-Esteem

Katerina Efstratiadou Low self esteem
Low self-esteem can lead to various problems in your career, relationships and personal life. Here are 10 helpful tips on how one can boost his self-esteem. 1. Accept yourself People should remember that everyone is unique and beauty is to be found in every human being. Yes, other people can be better in doing certain things but this fact shouldn't hinder people from being the best that the...
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The Top 10 Steps to a Successful Life

Katerina Efstratiadou Successful Life
1. Make your intuition your ally. How does your intuition speak to you? Do you receive information in words, feelings, a body sensation? Do you just know? Ask your intuition questions and pay attention to the answers and act on the information you receive. 2. What are you enthusiastic about? The root of the word enthusiasm is entheos. It literally means "God Within." Just think, w...
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Katerina Eftratiadou Happines Truth
Truth   The power of truth is such that you need never be concerned about proving it. You need only be concerned with being it and living it. Truth is always revealed, at the right moment, at the right place. Τhe simplest and most powerful expression of truth is humility. Real humility includes so much power of truth and inner silence that you don’t need to say anything at all in w...
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