Xenia K. 28years old, Entrepreneur
Through our journey in this life, we all came across defining moments that have shaped us to where we are today. A defining moment for me was when I met Katerina. An amazing woman, coach and friend who transformed my life in every possible area. In two years I have grown more personally, emotionally and spiritually than the previous 27 years of my life, all due to the inspiration, vision, love and hard work Katerina has given me. Endless hours of discussion, real-life examples, impressive exercises, introduction to new experiences, inspirational stories and “get-out-of-your-comfort-zone” challenges are just some of the methods Katerina applied to me during this journey of growth. She guided me with her wisdom and energy to paths I couldn’t even imagined, she taught me how to dream big and make these dreams come true, she made me remember who I was and she made sure I would never forget….compassion & passion, energy, strength, trust, patience, wisdom, kindness, confidence, faith and love are only some of her numerous qualities. I could write for hours about this wonderful woman who magically touches lives and transforms them for ever….Thank You Katerina for your influence, wisdom and love. Thank You for everything you did and you keep doing for me! You are a precious gift to my life!

Kiriaki Sidiropoulou, 35 Events Organiser
Through Life Coaching I experienced things about which I used to write in my notebook. I learnt to have Patience and expect. I am healthy. I turned my dream into my profession. I can handle everything that happens to me. I can write in numerous pages about what I have managed to do having you, my Life Coach, by my side. Katerina, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me.

Mata - Dimitra Rozi Communication Marketing
Thanks to the Life Coaching techniques and methods I achieved "a small miracle" in my life. I am more open and receptive to changes and surprises in life, because I have enough time to welcome them. Life Coaching is recommended to anyone who wants to hold his life in his own hands!

Stefania Sidiropoulou 36, Event Organizer
I would strongly recommend Life Coaching and Katerina as a life coach because she can make you feel comfortable and she is understandable, direct and effective. She can help you find the most suitable way to overcome the obstacles that come your way, achieve your goals and move on.

Angeliki Seraskeri, 41 Enterpreneur
I can say now that with Life Coaching I have reached a certain level of self awareness, continuing of course, trying and most important: I gained back the self esteem and self respect I had long lost. What I saw in Katerina since the beginning of our acquaintance, was the trusted friend, the wise big sister, the woman who inspires respect and power and makes everyone around her feel secure!

Maria Sidiropoulou, 41 Food merchandiser
Who am I? At what point of my life am I? What do I really want to do? These were the primary issues I had when I began life coaching. Catherine is the ideal Life Coach because she promised always to be by my side, she's committed to travel my travels and swore to share with me the greatest gift ever given by God; love!

Sofia Stafilaraki,50 International Transportation Forwarder
Through the Coaching sessions, I managed to regain my self confidence, to understand my worth as a human, a woman and a mother. Through the sessions, I found my goal in life, my dreams. I didn't choose Katerina, cause as mentioned earlier, I was encouraged to go to her. But I did have the choice of not working with her, had I felt that she wasn't right for me. The thing is that from the first moment I talked with her, I felt that there couldn't possibly be another person with such positive energy and such grace to be able to help me.

Christina Kakana, 37 MEDICAL PHYSICIST
Katerina... One of the most beautiful things that she taught me is to "always say what I mean and mean what I say", but still. It is very hard for me to find the right words and describe the meaning of her presence in my life and how different the way I see things and the world around me has become ever since I started Life Coaching with her.

Ioanna Daskalopoulou Kindergarten teacher
Through Life coaching I've learned to have self confidence, I've learned to see always the good part and have positive thinking. I started feeling more secure and have better relationships. Moreover, I 've learned to have flexible thinking, to achieve my targets and make my dreams come true. It's a beautiful journey and it's worth to try it!